Susan has worked as a professional proofreader for 18 years. Her clients include University of Queensland Press, Australian Geographic, Black Inc., Reader’s Digest, Murdoch Books, Allen&Unwin, HarperCollins/ABC Books, Spineless Wonders and McGraw-Hill. She also occasionally works on student theses and academic articles.

Recent titles
UQP Peacemongers by Barry Hill; Ransacking Paris by Patti Miller; Peripheral Vision by Paddy O’Reilly; Catch and Kill by Joel Deane; Inventing her own Weather by Karen Lamb; Fair Food, ed. Nick Rose; Ghost River by Tony Birch; Before Rupert by Tom DC Roberts; Merdeka and the Morning Star by Jason MacLeod; Portable Curiosities by Julie Koh; The Last Days of Ava Langdon by Mark O’Flynn; Saltwater by Cathy McLennan; Burning Down by Venero Amanno

HarperCollins/ABC Books
Fair Game by Steve Cannane; Resilient by Mitchell Johnson

Black Inc. The Sex Lives of Australians: A History by Frank Bongiorno

Reader’s Digest A–Z of Cooking Secrets; Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal; More Healthy One Dish Cooking; Brilliant Home Tips & Tricks

Allen&Unwin Every Man and His Dog by David Darcy

Spineless Wonders White Light by Mark O’Flynn; Dear Writer Revisited by Carmel Bird; The Great Unknown ed. Angela Meyer; The Glove Box and Other Stories by Vivienne Plumb; Panthers and the Museum of Fire by Jen Craig; My Hearts Are Your Hearts by Carmel Bird; Crime Scenes ed. Zane Lovitt; My Life & Other Fictions by Michael Giacometti; What You Might Find by Richard Holt

Academic journals ‘The independent effects of environmental, social and governance initiatives on the performance of UK firms’ by Humphrey, J.E., Lee, D.D., Shen, Y. Australian Journal of Management ; ‘Does board gender diversity have a financial impact? Evidence using stock portfolio performance’ by Larelle Chapple & Jacquelyn Humphrey, Journal of Business Ethics, July 2014, Vol 122, Issue 4

Australian Geographic issue 143, March–April 2018

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